or piotrek

he/him, eighteen
gay 2004
pl/eng/cz wwa/lbn

about me

digital artist. loves warsaw public transport,
interested in tech, trains, ham radio
on the spectrum, taken, treating twitter
like a diary of sort
i use a 9gen ipad and procreate,
ocassionally using CSP,
father of a few Lumia devices and
around 500 train/public transport tickets
may like nsfw by accident sorry


under 16 years old, you engage in constant discourse,
a nft/crypto guy, everything you talk about is how
much meohedrone you ingested while listening
to rap, obvious edgy trolls that are probably lolicons


@miedzyiesie art account
@f6wl6 personal scrobbling since 2019
instagram instagram
if you see anyone with the handle @dryjakiew it’s me